Multiple intelligence

It was somewhat of a suprise to me to have found out the results of the test. Maybe those results are accurate. Perhaps they are inaccurate. Interests change for many. It was well to have discovered what I had found out from the test. What was a relief to me it was that there were no correct or incorrect answers. That meant I had the freedom to answer questions the way which I had wanted to answer them.    For environmental questions, I could answer those because I have been in a school environmental club.  It has been a while since there had been a family pet.  That was our dog.  I would say that I do enjoy a variety of activities.

Regarding essential questioning

It develops curiousity.  Beyond that, it encourages interest in reading.  There would be more information to research. That would give more purpose to reading.  Perhaps it could make reading challenging.  Reading would be more analytical at the time.  Possibly, that could further question the main idea of the particular topic being mentioned.  Maybe that would encourage more learning.

It is difficult to figure a particular book or movie to follow.  My most likely selection would be one that is quite recent.  It has been awhile since I had last attended a movie or read a book.  A film which stood out was one called “Interview with God”.  It was about a newspaper writer.  The newspaper writer would interview God.  During the movie, there would be multiple interviews.  Those interviews would be with God.  The writer unfortunately had some marital issues.  Actor who played God was able to figure out what had been happening with him throughout the film.  Interviews were at different locations throughout the film.  One time was at a park.  Another time was in an empty theatre.  Then a place selected was an empty room in a building.  The journalist was interviewing someone whom was an US combat veteran.  Veteran featured after arriving back from his duty was having issues with PTSD.

What are essential questions?

Essential questions are questions that have to be asked.  For a variety of reasons, maybe such questions may not need to be asked.  Perhaps such questions could go without being answered.  If those questions end up being answered, curiousity could be fulfilled.   This could be recognized as the main idea.  Then there is no main idea if questions stay unanswered.  On the condition, such questions are not the main idea, next is possibly more to be answered.  Beyond some answers being revealed, mystery has ended.  Next, is finding out more to be questioned.

20181005_095750Which liberties specifically are referenced to here?

Why was the time frame of a century selected here?

Is there truth or is this just an opinion?

Why was a nation selected here?

How is it recognized when liberties are lost?